Spend Your Summer Enjoying His Creation

Our Theme: Marooned

Comb the beach of a deserted island with a host of colorful characters, including Floyd, a wise flamingo; Stella, a sassy starfish; Topher, a tentative turtle; Marvin, a dependable monkey; and Cameron, a shy, ever-color-changing chameleon. Students will also meet Archibald J. Worthington, III, better known on the island as Archie, a shipwrecked businessman who’s lost more than just his possessions and needs to find his way. Like Archie, students will discover that you always have a Rock and a Refuge when you feel lost and will learn that you’re never really marooned all by yourself.

Also for the adults: A special seminar on Christian Evidences​. Class topics include: Can we be sure God exists? Has evolution been proven? Is the Bible really the word of God? Did the resurrection happen?​​​

Join us as we learn about Elijah, Jonah, Thomas and more!

Your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience with friendly and welcoming staff.

Your child will enjoy a variety of fun including singing, crafts, and games!


Church of Christ

Vacation Bible School

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